Mark 1:17Jsusfsh1.gif (416 bytes)SAID "Come and follow me and I will make you fishers of men."


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I'm a guy that's always loved fishing and anything to do with the outdoors... For many years, even up until the time I had children of my own, my love for fishing and hunting and golf was #1 in my life. I was raised knowing that there was a God that created all these things, but I really didn't care just as long as they were there for me to enjoy. I professed my faith in Christ at the age of 16 but soon got caught up in my own ways again. It wasn't until the age of 30 when I had 2 children of my own that I realized how God could love us am much as I had always been told that he does. You see we are His children and His love is much stronger that we could begin to have for our own children. Well there I was in my 30's now, doing well in tournaments around. Made the federation "State Team" 2 times and was "gung ho". But I also had 2 children and I knew that I didn't want them to grow up quite like I did so I made a decision to come back to my roots and put God in the place that he should be, #1. Don't get me wrong now I still love to fish and still fish a club and other tournaments. It's just that I realized all the bass in the world can't bring the happiness into your life that Jesus Christ can..

Please read on if you've never put Christ #1 in your life!

I, maybe like you, have traveled many roads in my life and some of them were the wrong roads, especially in my younger years. I'm happy to say though that I found the road that lead to peace and joy in my life and I hope that you will too.

If you've never traveled the "ROMANS ROAD TO SALVATION" then come with me now and I'll try the best that I know how to lead you through it. If you've already been saved then take the trip with us again and reassure yourself that you're in God's Will.

Romans 3:23 says---For all have sinned and fall short of the Glory of God..........."All" means you and me. We've all sinned in God's eyes, not necessarily because of the many wrong things we may have done, but simply because we don't measure up to God's Glory, which is Jesus Christ. Also we'll never measure up because we're all born sinners in a sinful world....REMEMBER;; when that day of judgement comes (and it will) we'll not be measured by our talents and abilities, rather, by Jesus Christ and how much we've tried to measure up to Him.

Romans 6:23 says---For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord..........We all know that wages are what we earn, and deserve to get paid for. Well the payment for sin is death.(DEATH described as eternal separation from God) That's what we deserve for our sin. The good news however is that God doesn't give us what we deserve, instead He gives us a gift of love and life, free and all we have to do is accept it. Don't let your gift go unused. Receive it today and you're life will be changed.

Romans 10:13 says---For everyone who calls on the name of Jesus will be saved...........Friends, we all need Christ in our lives and we all need salvation.(that is to know that we'll live with Christ in heaven when we die) If you believe that Jesus is God's son and that he died on the cross as payment for our sins and that He arose again to life on the third day, then why not call on His name today and be saved? HOW DO YOU DO THIS? It's easy. With a simple sinner's prayer that only you can pray after you realize the need for Christ in your life. It may go something like this.........O Lord I know that I am a sinner and I realize Lord that I need your guidance and power in my life. Lord right now I pray that you'll come into my heart that you'll cleanse me of all my past sinns and that you'll provide that channel for forgiveness forever. Save me now Lord and help me to do my part as I try to stay within your will. I know that I am weak but help me to lean on your strength. In Jesus Christ name I pray. AMEN

If you think that there's just no hope for you to be saved then think about this............Think of the worst sin that you've ever committed...Did you know that there will be alot of people in HELL that have committed that same sin. But there will also be alot of people in HEAVEN that have committed that same sin....Why? you say: Well it's like this, there is one big difference. Those in Heaven prayed the sinner's prayer and were forgiven of that and all sins and were saved by GOD'S grace...It's that simple.

If you have just prayed a prayer similar to this one,
The Bible says that all Heaven rejoices when a single sinnr repents.(Luke 15:7)
You are now a new person and have a new start on life, and a home in Heaven.
Most importantly, you've been forgiven for
ALL of your sins, past and present.
You also have that channel of forgiveness for the future


If anything on this page has stired an interest in Christ for you
or has meant anything at all to you
I would like to hear from you and about you.

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