Jim Reaneau's Tips n Tricks
Updated - January 09, 2011
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Jim Reaneau

Jim Reaneau is an established guide on Lake Fork, Texas and has been for over 10 years now. He says that he has  fished for bass since he was 13 years old.
He  fished tournaments in his early years and was able to hunt in the bottoms of Lake Fork before the lake was impounded. He has been familiar with this area for 30 years.Check out Jim's guide page HERE . Or send him an E-mail.

Jim's writings cover especially Lake Fork, but his advice and tactics can be used anywhere.

Jerrys fish.jpg (13393 bytes) Jerry Mc Donald with a 7 1/2 lb Lake Fork bass caught 02/03/00 with the help of Jim Reaneau's guide service.

Jim's Index of Articles

Buying a Rod

Various types of Worm Fishin'


Jig & Pigs

Jigging Spoons & Tail Spinners

Pattern Fishing

Rattle Traps

Soft Jerk Baits


Understanding your Electronics


Cold Weather Fishing

Two New Baits

Fishing the "Floating Worm"

Weekday Bassin'  

The Drop Shot technique

Weightless lizards

Dog Days of Summer

Choosing the Right Bait

Your "Go-To" Bait  

Cold Fronts

Spring-time Fishing  


Baits for Spring  

Tips for fishing POINTS  
Tips on Sight Fishing

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